About this Blog

This is is blog is meant to serve as my own personal platform for the advancement of logic and reason.

Skepticism if you will…

As the tag line of the blog states:

Working “to serve” through the process of inquiry

Initially, my blog focused mainly on topics related to healthcare.  The main reason for this was because of my healthcare background (see the “About the Author” section).  Healthcare helped to develop my interest in skepticism, so it only seemed fitting to blog about such topics.

However, over the years my taste in blog topics has expanded quite a bit.  Althought i still love blogging about healthcare i have expanded the blog to discuss and investigate a wide range of different topics, while maintain my my goal of “working to serve through the process of inquiry”.

The goal of this blog is NOT to provide a “one-sided” attack on the subject matter being addressed.  Instead, my goal with this blog is the advancement of logic and reason.  It is my hope that i will be able to present information in a manner that is accessible to a large audience, and will facilitate the public pursuit of logic and rationale thought.

*Note to all readers*

The text/writing of this blog (unless otherwise noted) are the sole intellectual property of Ryan Michael Iwasiw

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