Mini Update


I have not forgotten about this blog.  I am sure that is seems that i have since the last real post (other then an update promising that i will resume regular posts soon!  haha) was some time ago.  But i can assume you, i have not forgotten about this blog.  

I read all of the comments/mail that i get regarding my past posts (large amount of rather amusing grammar police related comments lately) and do my best to answer them all.  It is especially fun to respond to those who accuse me of being part of some large conspiracy or on the payroll of BIG pharma/food/governemnt/etc.  

Long story short is that this blog has taken a back seat to school.  As i have posted previously i got into medical school back in the summer of 2012.  Things have been going very well and i am about to enter my last year of studies (far from finished though as after i complete medical school i still have a residency to complete), and as if often the case with education/studies, some things in life have to go onto the back burner for a period of time.  

But i promise you i have not forgotten about this blog.  

I still have many plans for it (and the much awaited podcast that had been in the works for some time) so please stay tuned and check in every now and then to catch up with your old pal the Skeptical Samurai.  And with that i big you farewell (for now).

this has been the skeptical samurai

working to serve 

through the process of inquiry 


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