Dinosaurs Live!

Every once and a while you will hear a report from a crypto zoologist claiming that they have found evidence of a live flesh and blood dinosaur deep within the Amazon forest or somewhere in the African Sahara.  Despite the initial, often over inflated, claims regarding the legitimacy of a live dinosaur, nothing ever materializes.  Even though we live in the modern digital age, and cameras/video cameras are readily available, not a single picture or video is ever produced and no animal (live or dead) is ever found.

Let us put aside the HUGE stumbling point that for a dinosaur to actually exist today, you would require a breeding population of a few HUNDRED individual members to sustain a single individual.  With this information in mind, it becomes apparent that the existence of a single live dinosaur HIGHLY unlikely. 

But let us put all that aside. 

Let us put that all aside, because the skeptical samurai has obtained rare footage of a “live flesh and blood dinosaur”!  That is right, you heard me say it!  Dinosaurs still exist!  And here is video evidence of a raptor terrorizing a school!

And I thought that the dinosaurs had died out!

This has been the skeptical samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


2 Responses to “Dinosaurs Live!”

  1. Lol This was great. Thanks for the chuckle, Skep Sam!

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