I am Sure the Conspiracy Buffs are Going to Have a Hay Day With This One!

Check out the following picture

This is a recent photo of space shuttle “Discovery”.  This photo was taken when “Discovery” was hundreds of kilometres above the earth during a recent mission.  Notice anything peculiar about the picture? 

There is a shadow being cast on the shuttle! 

Seems strange doesn’t it?  I mean the shuttle is hundreds of kilometres above the earth, what could possibly be casting a shadow on it?  Something has to be doing it right!?  This begs the question, what is casting the shadow!???? 

Well, despite what you might read on some conspiracy websites, there is a perfectly logical/rationale answer to explain the mystery of the space shuttle shadow.

It is the International Space Station!

As depicted in this (rather impressive) amateur photo

The space shuttle can clearly be seen below the International Space Station.  When taking into account the position of the sun, space shuttle, and space station, it becomes clear that the mysterious shadow casted on the shuttle is not all that mysterious after all!  So despite what some conspiracy websites will have you believe, this is a perfect example of how the process of inquiry can lead you to a logical, conclusive and rather satisfying answer.  Or maybe I am just part of the “machine” working to cover up the truth!

This has been the skeptical samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


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