Doesn’t Anyone Know How to Shoulder a Firearm Properly!?

I have been watching a lot of old Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies as of late. 

You know…

the ones where they mow down hundreds of bad guys with their firearms…

Schwarzenegger in Commando

Given my recent newfound interest in combat/firearms I now watch these films with something of a skeptical eye.  Let us forgive the fact that these guys never seem to have to reload their weapons or the fact that their ammunition seems to explode pretty much everything it hits.  I know, it is a lot to ask, but try and stay with me here!  Besides all of that, do you notice anything wrong? 

No one seems to know how to shoulder a firearm properly!

Anyone who has shot a firearm knows they can be difficult to aim/shoot at the best of times.  Even with proper posture and positioning it can actually still be difficult to but rounds down range that actually hit their intended target with any sort of regularity.  I still remember the 1st time that I shouldered a shotgun.  I completely missed the target and the damn thing nearly knocked me over! 

Yes there are times/situations when shooting from the hip and/or awkward angles is necessary.  Done by a skilled marksman this type of shooting is completely possible.  However, given the choice, this is not typically how you would want to shoot your firearm.  Shooting from the hip or shooting from awkward angles is something that you do because you have to, not because you want to.  Ask any experienced shooter and they will tell you that they would rather have a firearm properly secured in a shouldered position with a good cheek weld looking right down the sights.

Proper combat shooting/tactics look like this (as show by Magpul industries)

Not like this! (Stallone in Rambo)

Remember, skepticism is a skill set that can be applied to all aspects of your life.  In this case, skepticism has taught me how to properly shoulder (and subsequently fire) a rifle/shotgun, a skill that will be extremely important in the impending zombie apocalypse! 

This has been the skeptical samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


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