The Amazing Floating Cube!

This video is another great example of optical illusions that are dependent on angles.

The answer is shown at 00:11 second mark….

So if you want to have an opportunity to solve the problem out on your own, make sure that you stop the video before the 00:11 second mark!  

Chances are when you watched this video, you did not think to yourself, “wow it must be some sort of paranormal force field affecting the floating cube”.  You may have guessed that there were strings or maybe even magnets involved.  However you most likely came up with some sort of reasonable guess regarding how this trick was done. 

So what should you take from all of this…

Whether you know it or not, you have some skeptical blood pumping through those blood vessels of yours! 

This has been the skeptical samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


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