Would You Have Fallen for it?

Check out this recent video of a middle school football game.

The video is a great example of lateral thinking (the ability to problem solve using logic/reasoning that is not immediately obvious and/or obtainable through the use of tradition step by step logic).  The coaches and players of the white/maroon team utilized lateral thinking to come up with a play that literally left their competition standing still.

Proof positive that is can pay off to think outside of the box!

This has been the skeptical samurai

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4 Responses to “Would You Have Fallen for it?”

  1. That is so clever. I’m going to share it with my students.

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Thanks michael!
      Please check out the rest of the blog as well, i am sure that you will find some other interesting articles/posts.
      If you dont mind me asking, how did you come across the blog?

      Also, looked over your blog. Lots of interesting posts. I will have to look over it in detail over the coming week!

  2. I found your blog among freshly pressed Education posts.

    I showed my class both the trick play clip and the Ipad clip and they loved both.


    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Cool man!
      Glad your digging the blog, and glad that i could help you spread skepticism and critical thinking to the masses!

      Keep on fighting the good fight!

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