Amazing IPad Illusions

Well, you don’t actually need an IPad to make these illusions work…

This is just the particular medium that was chosen to demonstrate this particular type of optical illusion. 

Check it out!

I always find optical illusions amazing. 

It is not the illusion per say that i find amazing.  Instead, it is how the optical illusion is able to work that amazes me.  More specifically, optical illusions work because our brains (and associated senses) are hard wired in a specific manner.  The brain takes in data and then interprets it, and the interpretation is not always an accurate representation of what is actually happening. 

Take the above IPad examples.  In reality all that is happening is 2 stagnant images are being passed over one another.  The images are not “doing” anything.  However, what we see/perceive are a variety of different moving objects, proof that what is happening and what we perceive to be happening can be 2 completely different things!

This has been the skeptical samurai

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2 Responses to “Amazing IPad Illusions”

  1. Ron Partlow Says:

    One of my favorite quotes (not sure if it was Richard Dawkins, or if he just repeated it):

    “We are much more likely to mistake a shadow for a burglar, than to mistake a burglar for a shadow. Our life may depend on it.”

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