Show Me That Smile…Yet Again!

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A while back I posted a video from my good friend/arch nemesis Kirk Cameron and his side kick Mr. Ray Comfort (combined they form, Mr. C+C!) regarding their assertion that the banana is proof of intelligent design and thus is evidence for god’s existence.  Here is a link to that post:

It has come to my attention that Mr. C+C have subsequently released a statement/video attempting to better explain the claims made in their original video.  You can view the video here (do yourself a favour and jump to 01:30 and stop at the 02:00 mark.  If you choose to watch the entire video clip, do not say that I did not warn you!):

I would like to draw attention to Mr. Comfort’s “apology” regarding his original “banana as proof of god’s existence” discussion (again at the 01:30 to 02:00 mark):

“My apologies for not explaining myself more clearly.  I was not aware that the common banana had been so modified through hybridization.  However the truth remains that god gave man the knowledge and ability to modify it, so that it perfectly fit into his hand.  He did the same with big dogs so that they could fit into his car.  And with wild cats, so that they are perfectly fit for his wife.”


Where to even start with this one!?

1st off please allow me to apologize if you watched the entire video.  I tried to warn you!  I know what you are thinking, those where valuable seconds of your life that you will never get back.   It is my hope that my critique of Mr. C + C’s video will be a step in the right direction to earning your forgiveness! 

Alright, let us dig into this one shall we!

Mr. Comfort makes the argument that the video distributed on the internet (more specifically, the video clip distributed within the skeptical/scientific community) was inaccurate, as the video clip did not show Comfort’s entire argument. 

Alright Mr. Comfort, I will give you that one.  So let us look at the argument that you were trying to make. 

In the uncut version of the video, Comfort compares the banana to a can of cola.  Comfort explains that in his opinion both the banana and can of cola have been designed in such a manner that is perfectly suited for the user.  He then goes on to make the argument that the can of cola (which has been “perfectly created”) has a designer/creator, so following that logic that banana (which also been “perfectly created”) must also have a designer/creator.  Ergo, Comfort argues that the banana is evidence for the existence of god.    

I know…

A weak argument at best…

But please, stay with me! 

Comfort’s argument hinges on the notion that the banana, in its form as we know it today, serves as a perfect example of something in nature that has been perfectly created/designed, and is thus evidence for the existence of god.  As discussed in my previous post, this argument quickly falls apart, as the common banana is the result of years of selective breeding by farmers and looks/tastes nothing like is wild counterpart.   Hardly a good example of something that was perfectly designed by an omnipotent creator!

True to form, upon discovering the above information about the common banana, Comfort does not reconsider his original argument.  He does not process the intellectual honesty to admit that the banana was an extremely poor example for his original argument.  Instead, he commits one of the worst cases of “moving the goal posts” that I have ever seen!  Mr. Comfort proclaims that the banana is still evidence for the existence of god, because god gave man the intelligence to change and shape the banana as he saw fit! 


This is why people such as Mr. C + C (and many people within the creationist/intelligent design movement) are not (and will never be) taken seriously in the scientific community. 

A scientist (or any person of reason for that matter) openly acknowledges that their opinions/beliefs on a variety of different subjects will change and evolve as new information becomes available.  Inherent in the scientific process is the notion that our understanding of the natural world is constantly changing as we gain new information.  Our understanding of the natural world does not have an end point.  Instead, it is something of a never ending constantly evolving process.  Individuals such as Mr. Comfort and Mr. Cameron have already made up their mind.  They have already drawn their conclusions. 

Put simply, they are not open to new information, and thus are closed to the wonders of science and the new and exciting information that it is able to offer us about the world/universe that we inhabit. 

This has been the Skeptical Samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


4 Responses to “Show Me That Smile…Yet Again!”

  1. this is clearly spam 😉

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  3. just a little typo in your post: “He does not process the intellectual honesty to admit..”. i am sure you meant to write possess, not process.. 😉

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