The Skeptical Samurai on “Global News: Winnipeg”

Global News: Winnipeg recently did a story on the Medicine program at the University of Winnipeg.  Specifically, Global News was investigating why the U of M medical program is currently under review and why changes where being proposed to the current curriculum. 

I was approached by a Global News reporter while I was on campus at the Health Science Centre/University of Manitoba (I had just finished a meeting and was waiting for my wife to come and pick me up so that we could go out for breakfast!).  I spoke to the reporter for approximately 20 minutes.  Sadly, as is typically the case with television news, only about 10 seconds of our conversation was actually used.    

Here is the video of the story as it ran on the evening news (for those of you who do not know what I look like, I am the gentleman with the Punisher hat, Abriosis T-Shirt, cut off olive drab army shorts, and covered with tattoos):

(for some reason i cannot embed the video, so i will include a link instead)

Science (in this case medicine) is a constantly evolving process.  As our knowledge of the natural world (in this case the human body, and the treatment modalities applied to it) change and evolve so does the manner in which we teach that information.  Consequently, scientific programs (in this case the Medicine program at the U of M) must change and evolve as our knowledge base changes and evolves.  This is not a sign of a defective program; instead it is simply an example of the scientific process at work.  In science, change is a good thing.  It demonstrates that the most up to date and accurate information is (in the case of the U of M medicine program) being taught. 

Sadly, I do not think this is at all what came across during my interview, but at least I have had the opportunity to better explain myself here.

On another note, the sceptical samurai has officially broken into the realm of television, one step closer to my goal of total world domination!

This has been the sceptical samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


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