Ants In My Pants…

Well…not really!

Sorry about the lack of updates.  I am currently on vacation and i have had limited access to the interwebs

Take a quick look at the following image…

And then try and decide if…

There are more blue ants then red ants…

Or if there are more red ants then blue ants…. 

Well what did you come up with? 

Are there more red ants?

Or are there more blue ants?

(Answer after the jump)


4 Responses to “Ants In My Pants…”

  1. theskepticalsamurai Says:

    Answer: there are the same number of red ants and blue ants!

    What did you come up with?

    • i answered the same number because i figured it was a trick… it totally look like there are way more blue ants!

  2. I say its the same number…. 16 of each with 16 ‘in-between’ ants.

    Check out for some hilarity btw

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