The Skeptical Syndicate: Steven Novella

The Skeptical Syndicate: Steven Novella

The purpose of “The Skeptical Syndicate” is to feature a known (or not so known) individual within the skeptical community, and highlight that individual’s contributions to skepticism.  This episode we feature, Dr Steven Novella. 


Alright, that is not what he actually looks like…

From his blog: Dr. Novella is an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine. He is the president and co-founder of the New England Skeptical Society (website: He is the host and producer of the popular weekly science podcast, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (, do yourself a favour and check out an episode!). He is also a fellow of the Committee for Skeptic Inquiry (CSI).

Dr. Novella is an extremely active member of the skeptical community.  Dr. Novella works tirelessly (along with his fellow skeptical rogues) to dispel any and all myths perpetuated by propagators of pseudoscience worldwide.  Whether it is combating anti-vaccers

or combating pseudo-science and misinformation in mainstream media

(additional detailed discussions of this case can be found here:

He is also (to the best of my knowledge) the creator of the term/concept “science based medicine”, an evolution of evidence based medicine that advocates the use of science and scientific research to further the practice of medicine.  The skeptical community is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Novella amongst its alumni.  On a personal note, Dr. Novella has been (and still is) huge inspiration to the Skeptical Samurai.  I became aware of Dr. Novella at a time in my life when I had reached a cross roads (as discussed in a previous blog:  Dr. Novella was one of several individuals that sparked my interested in logic, reason, science and the process of inquiry.  Additionally, Dr. Novella helped to inspire my new found interest in medicine/healthcare, which helped to guide me to the path that I am currently on.  Dr. Novella, the Skeptical Samurai takes his kabuto off to you!

Dr. Novella’s personal blog can be found here:

Dr. Novella also regularly blogs at:

The Rogues Gallery:

Skeptic Blog:

Science Based Medicine:

This has been the Skeptical Samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


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