Are Nazi War Criminals Still at Large?

When I was a strapping young lad,

I recall hearing stories that an old Nazi war criminal lived in my home town.  No one seemed to know the name of this individual or where he lived, but everyone I talked to was convinced that this individual lived, somewhere, in our town.  After growing up and moving to the “big city”, I met numerous other individual who described similar experiences.  They too had grown up in a small community where it was “common knowledge” that a Nazi war criminal lived somewhere in their town.  However, similar to my story, no one actually knew who this individual was, or where he resided. 

Considering the above information, it seems safe to assume that the “Nazi war criminal living in a small town” story can simply be written off as an urban legend.  However, as is the case with most urban legends, there is typically some element of truth to the story.  Which raises the question…is it possible that a Nazi war criminal had evaded capture for decades and actually resided in my home town? 


It turns out that the answer to the above question is not so straight forward.    

A brief history of the conclusion of World War II (which provides context for the above question);

In late 1945 the Allied forces invaded Germany and it quickly became clear that Germany had lost­ the Second World War.  Aware of pending fall of Nazi Germany (and the Third Reich) leader Adolf Hitler, along with his fiancé, cowardly took his own life in order to prevent being brought to justice for the atrocities that he had committed against the human race.  Despite being the leader of Nazi Germany, Hitler was far from the only guilty individual.  Hundreds of thousands of SS (which stands for Schulzstaffel) soldiers/officers were also guilty of participating in the crimes against humanity committed by the Third Reich, in the form of the holocaust.  After the conclusion of WW II, many of these individuals scattered across the globe in an attempt to evade capture.  Catching these individuals, and bringing them to justice, became a global priority. 

In November of 1945 twenty two prominent (one in absentia, as one of the individuals committed suicide prior to the start of the trial) Nazi war criminals had been captured and where tried at the famous Nuremberg trials.  The process took just under a year and in October 1946 the verdicts were handed down.  Of the 22 men tried, 3 were acquitted, and the other 18 where found guilty.  Of those 18, 11 were sentenced to death (by hanging), and the other 7 served prison sentences of varying lengths. 

While this brought some justice to the atrocities committed against those that suffered through the holocaust, Allied forces where very much aware of the fact that many more Nazis where still at large.  I mean think about it, it took more than 22 individuals to oversee concentration/death camps, conduct ghastly experiments and exterminate millions of people.  So what happened to all of the individuals guilty (directly or indirectly) of involvement in the holocaust? 

Argentina was one of the main regions where Nazis, who managed to escape Nuremberg, sought refuge.  Thanks largely in part to lax immigration laws and the assistance from then president Juan Perón.   Perón is actually believed to have actively aided the escape of Nazis’ to South America.  Hundreds, if not thousands, or war criminals are thought to have settled there after the war.  Additionally, many war criminals found homes in America, Britain, and the Former Soviet Union.  Unbeknownst to most, certain organizations within the governments of these countries overlooked the crimes of Nazi war criminals (and in some case helped to cover them up) in order to secure the services of top German scientists.  This was a time when the Cold War was just ramping up, and governments were willing to invest in anything that would give them a potential advantage over their enemies.

Despite the actions of some (to harbour war criminals), many have worked to capture and bring “at large” Nazis to justice.  Some of the some of the most notorious war criminals where never captured.  The infamous Josef Mengele (often referred to as the “Angel of Death”), was never captured (after an exhaustive man hunt that lasted decades, Mengele died a free man in February of 1979 in Bertioga, Brazil).  However, notorious individuals such as Aribert Heim (often referred to as “Doctor Death”) are presumed alive.  In addition to the efforts of individual governments, organizations such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center have worked tirelessly to capture the remaining Nazi war criminals.  In order to aid this effort, the Simon Wiesenthal Center recently launched “Operation Last Chance”.  “Operation Last Chance”, is an effort to bring the remaining Nazi war criminals to justice before they die of old age (as members of the SS would have been between the ages of 20-40 years old during the Second World War.  If still alive this would put the remaining war criminals at the ages 85-105). 

With all of the above information in mind…

It is entirely possible that a Nazi war criminal lived (or even still lives) in my home town.  Sometimes the truth can be much stranger (and in this case unsettling) then fiction. 

So what have we learned from all of this?

Just because a claim sounds unlikely (in this case; that a Nazi war criminal lived in my home town) does not make that claim untrue.  The above situation demonstrates how logic, reason, and critical thinking can help us to investigate a claim and determine the potential validity of that claim.

This has been the Skeptical Samurai

Working to serve…

Through the process of inquiry…


9 Responses to “Are Nazi War Criminals Still at Large?”

  1. It is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE for a NAZI to be living quietly in a little “home town” …take Dr. Death for instance (Aribert Heim)–he is hidden up in Billings Montana and he is living under an alias, as a United States Citizen. The garbage that people keep saying that he died is FICTICIOUS and lies–he is not in any paupers grave…Dr Death is alive and being hid up in Billings Montana “Heights” area.

    The TRUTH is more bizarre than any lie I can make up about this situation–but what I do know…It is NO URBAN LEGEND! This one is true–want to see the truth that many MANY are hiding??? The story of this SS NAZI OFFICER Aribert Heim can be found at this website link. The difference with this so called “urban legend” ? I have met him and he is not very happy that he was found out! Neither those who are protecting him!

    Looks to me like someone in the G has had him in hiding for quite some time and they were just waiting for him to die of old age–without being exposed and found out. Aribert Heim–Dr Death is being hid in Billings Montana and he is VERY MUCH ALIVE!

  2. theskepticalsamurai Says:


    Thanks for checking out my blog.

    I am not attempting to debate that fact that a Nazi war criminal could be living in a small town such as the one I grew up in. In fact the crux of my argument was that it is entirely possible for a Nazi war criminal to be living in a small community just like the one I grew up in. If you re-read the post I hope that that will be more clear. I then went on to provide evidence for why I could be possible and then I proceeded to outline how researching claims such as this can help individuals to sharpen their critical thinking skills.

    Regarding your statements about Aribert Heim (often referred to as Dr. Death), I stated that he is actually presumed to still be alive by many governments/organizations (such as Simon Wiesenthal Center) and that said governments/organizations are still working to capture this individual, or at the very least conclusively prove that he is deceased. A quick review of literature provided on the Simon Wiesenthal and Operation Last Chance websites reveal that Aribert Heim is still on the list of Nazi war criminals being pursued.

    To gain some insight into where you are coming from, I have reviewed your blog (link posted here for anyone wanting to checkout GhostWhisperer’s blog: and I must admit that I find several things rather concerning. Specifically regarding yourself proclaimed experiences with para-normal events and demonic assaults. I am not trying to say your experience did not actually happened, but suggesting that what happened may be quite different then what you actually experienced.

    Additionally, I find it concerning that you somehow seem to think that these experiences are somehow tied to a man that you believe to be Nazi war criminal Aribert Heim.

    I will not dispute the fact that the man in question could be Aribert Heim. It is possible that Heim is actually living in the USA, though not likely based on research/reports of various government agencies and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre/Operation Last Chance that place Heim in Chile or Argentina. As stated above, it is possible that Heim is currently located in the USA. However, it is also possible that he is located elsewhere, or even that he is deceased.

    However, what concerns me the most is that you are accusing of man of some extremely serious crimes based on no tangible evidence. You have woven an extremely complex personal story, and have now linked this story to a seemingly innocent man. The majority of your evidence seems to be regarding statements and situations that you found to be weird/strange. While some of these situations/statements do indeed sound peculiar, that is hardly evidence that the man in question is a Nazi war criminal. You also report various computer/technological difficulties and somehow see this as proof that this man is Aribert Heim. What is more likely is that you experience common computer/technology troubles that we all experience, hardly evidence that the man in question is a Nazi war criminal, or that some person(s) is attempting to prevent you from finding something out about Heim. Lastly, you seem to think that there is a physical resemblance between the man in question and Heim. That is entirely possible, although again, far from conclusive evidence that the man in question is Heim.

    If you are truthfully worried that this man is Aribert Heim there are legitimate avenues that you can pursue to have this man investigated. However, based on the evidence that you have presented, I would caution you against doing so. The information that you have presented provides no tangible and/or concrete evidence that the man in question is Aribert Heim. You are making some extremely bold accusations of a man based on no real evidence. Unless you have legitimate evidence that you have neglected from presenting in your blog, I would encourage you NOT to make such accusations against an otherwise innocent (at least against the crimes you have accused him of) man.

  3. Gee…I don’t know about you but when a guy who looks like Aribert Heim-has the exact scars of aribert heim–from all three EXACT scars on his right cheek to the very same scar running down his left lip and chin–states he has lived in every country that Heim is known to have been residing…states that he worked with the CIA and was the next door neighbor of President Salvadore Allende…and has a government block on the phonelines to the building not allowing governement calls in(We are ex military–are you? Do you know why blocks of this type are used?)-a building that he owns as a landlord and money he lives off of…He has shoved a loaded pistol into my roommates side..attempts to stab me…..hundreds of emails-phonecalls–death threats by ? and he thinks I was sent to his home by the government to kill him when I am only a waitress and bartender….and told me so..Thousands of pieces of evidence…What more tangible evidence do you need? LOL

    I will speak the TRUTH and tell people straight up that this man is far from innocent and he IS ARIBERT HEIM and he IS LIVING IN BILLINGS MONTANA and he IS BEING PROTECTED BY MANY–the government phone block is on there for a reason my unbeliving friend. You should see the ‘real’ pictures of him–not just the scars on his face…IT IS HIM!!! Looks just like his most wanted aged enhanced photographs. His family is lying! He is ALIVE!! I would encourage you to read the facts….pages of documentation and evidence. They rely on dumbed down people like you to discredit…perfect way to hide a nazi in plain sight. lol You have not walked in my shoes my friend and do not know what you are speaking about…..I speak the truth as well as my room mate speaking the truth….WE KNOW IT IS HIM and have had nothing but hassles since exposing it.

    Yes–Weisenthal knows he is still alive….The Reward was taken down..though they believe he is still “alive”?? Why do you think that is Columbo? They know exactly where Heim is! Major Coverups-political hold ups-and it would have been nice if the executive orders were not changed and penned in December 09 which gave Interpol immunity from the U.S. courts.

    HEIM IS NOT INNOCENT! He is EXACTLY WHO I SAY HE IS and he is hidden up in Billings Montana with a United States alias and there is BIG time coverups going on. I feel not an ounce of remorse for an evil SS Nazi who killed innocent people nor do I feel a pinch of guilt for pointing my finger at this scumbag up in Billings Montana–because I KNOW WHO HE IS….and it is just a matter of time before Doctor Death is exposed and extradited and put behind bars. I have no fear of speaking the TRUTH nor do I feel sad for a GUILTY man who sits up in Billings bragging and thinking he can get away with murder. It is time for him to be picked up! Why bother writing this silly little write up when you can’t even accept the truth–a contradiction of your own words. Hundreds of pieces of evidence–right down to the very exact scars to his face and you say “innocent?” I say–the man needs to be exposed for who he is ‘ARIBERT HEIM’ and soon I am going to go to his front door with the news and point him out for the WHOLE world to see…he is so far from innocent that the heavens are shaking right now Brother. Hell is waiting for him.

    Don’t care what silly little men like you think–big bad fake bravado who hide behind a computer typing silly words that you can’t even stand behind…a wimp with a black belt? Interesting. I may be a girl but MY WORDS are as strong and truthful as I can be…I stand behind them…Dr Death is alive and living in Billings Montana and he will NOT get away with his lies! Justice will be served! God is more powerful! Even againsts feeble minds as yours that wouldn’t see the truth if it smacked you between the eyes. I encourage you to use your brain and read the full documentation and evidence. When all is said and done…you will see your foolish responses as embarrassing and you will remove them immediately–I can bank on that….and of course you will remove mine also. You must be really easy to fool. Want to buy a bridge in Brookyln? It is on sale for $6.66. lmao


  5. theskepticalsamurai Says:


    Thanks for the response

    Might I remind you that you came to my blog…

    You are the one that sought me out. I did not seek you out. You responded to my post, and as is always the case, if a contributor to my blog has a website/blog, I make an effort to learn more about that individual (if possible). I feel it provides context and gives me a better understanding about an individual I know little about. So after reading your post, I checked out your blog.

    You came to my blog and misrepresented my position. I never questioned the fact Nazi war criminals could be residing in small towns across the globe. Quite the opposite actually, I provided extensive information to prove that it is entirely possible (and in many case true) that Nazi war criminals are still at large in communities all over the world this is very much the case. I then went on to state that governments and organizations are still pursuing Nazi war criminals such as Heim (and at the very least verify that these individuals have died).

    In my original response, I attempted to clarify my original position (which you seemed to have misunderstood). Having then read through your blog, I felt it necessary to response to your response and then call your claims into question. I would argue that your descriptions of para-normal activities and demonic attacks, calls your credibility into question. I apologize if these remarks seem inflammatory. I know that much is lost in text, and I do not intend for these comments to be inflammatory. However, I maintain my position that your description of para-normal events and demonic attacks and how you somehow tie this to a man you believe to be Heim casts serious doubt onto your story. I am not saying that it does not make your story true, it just makes it harder to believe is all.

    If the man you describe is indeed Heim, your description of your situation (and my interpretation of that situation) will not change that fact. It will however make investigators take you less seriously regarding your claims (rightly or wrongly).

    As I stated in my original response, I would argue that the “evidence” that you provide is circumstantial at best. I am not trying to insult you (again I think that that is lost in this particular form of communication) just simply attempting to convey my interpretation of the evidence that you have presented. I am not arguing your experience, instead I am arguing that despite what has been said/experienced the man in question may not be Heim, and that the evidence that you have put forth does not conclusively prove that it is him.

    To the best of my knowledge (and I am awaiting confirmation from Weisenthal) Weisenthal (with the assistance of various governments) are still actively pursuing Heim, and he is believed to be in South America. Additionally, there is still a reward in place for any information leading to Heim’s arrest/where abouts (or any Nazi war criminal for that matter).

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but you seem to think that it is my understanding that Heim is innocent. Please understand that this is NOT the case. Heim is very much guilty, and it is my hope the he (and men like him) are brought to justice for the crimes that they have committed. Instead, my argument is that it is possible that the man you have accused of being Heim, may not actually be Heim, nothing more or nothing less.

    Regarding your statements such as: “Don’t care what silly little men like you think–big bad fake bravado who hide behind a computer typing silly words that you can’t even stand behind…a wimp with a black belt”, this does not help your position at all. In fact statements like these prove my point, and demonstrate why legitimate authorities/investigators will most likely not take you seriously. I simply called into question the validity of your claims, similar to what any type of investigator would do and given the seriousness of your accusations, I would think any research would approach your claims in a similar (if not more aggressive/thorough manner) because of the potential implications of your claims. And what was your response to my questions? Your 1st response was to attack me personally. That type of reaction says a lot about you.

    I should add that I do not hide behind a computer. All of my contact info is readily available on my blog. I stand behind each and every word that I type. That is why my personal information is on my blog. I do not want, or intend, the blog to be anonymous. Regarding the comment “a wimp with a black belt”, again, I find it rather telling that you keep resorting to personal attacks (in this case calling into question my masculinity). You also seem to harbour some delusion that I think less of you because you are a woman, which could not be further from the truth. Again, these types of statements say a lot about you. Lastly, I am not a black belt and I have made no such claim. I should also add, I really do not see what this contributes to the argument/discussion.

    Regarding your concern that I will remove your posts, I would do no such thing. Why would I remove your posts? I have yet to delete a single contribution to my blog, and do not see any reason to do so in the immediate future. The only time I would alter a post is if it contained blatantly vulgar/hateful remarks. In this case I would most likely censor said words/passages as this type of speech has no place on my blog. I welcome all contributions to my blog, positive and negative. However, do not expect me to response in a polite manner when you attack me personally. In all honesty, I feel that your contribution to my blog actually strengths my position, and demonstrates that you are far from a credible witness/source of information.

    I look forward to hearing from you

  6. With these refugee war criminals being so close to death, “between 85-105”, it’s time to let this go. One of the great problems with the world, particularly involving religion, is that people are willing to hold a vendetta til the end of time hoping for their day of retribution. Some people have been waitig 2000 years, others a millennium less, and we are left to wonder; will you scorch the Earth to exact a revenge that began dozens of generations ago?

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:


      Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for the comment

      However i think that you missed the point of the blog.

      The purpose of the blog was not to speak to those that want justice/retribution against those guilty of being involved in the Holocaust.

      While i the topic, i think it relevant to speak to your comments before proceeding. I think that it is relevant/appropriate to presue those that are still alive and guilty of commiting the crimes of the holocaust. For those individuals still alive, they are accountable for their actions, regardless of their age. I do not think that time excuses their actions. At no point did i advocate “scorching the earth” to exact revenge on those guilty of commiting the crimes of the holocaust.

      Back to the topic at hand, I think you missed the purpose of my blog post. The purpose of my blog post was to speak to the urban myth that “a nazi war criminal lived in my home town” that many of us have heard some variation of growing up. The purpose of the blog was to speak to that myth, i simply attempted to provide examples that it was entirely possible that a nazi war criminal did live in my hometown. Additionally, i chose to mention the efforts of those attempting to still bring the remaining living war criminals to justice

  7. isabella Says:

    Re: Nazis in your home town – Many of these war criminals were imported to the US by US intelligence agencies through “rat lines” of one kind/name or another. Simon Wiesenthal expressed much frustration that official agencies in the US, Austria, Germany (and eventually in Israel) were not only not helping, but actively hindering his search, except when it suited their particular interests and agenda. Heim was used by the CIA and the FBI, as a programmer and a handleer, and traveled the world.

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