In Awe of the Scientific Process

I had knee surgery the other day.  More specifically, I underwent arthroscopic surgery under spinal anaesthetic/block (with conscious sedation) of my left knee.  This could have been a nerve racking experience, but instead I found it to be rather exciting.  Why you ask?

Well…dear reader…let me tell you!

Throughout the entire experience I found myself in awe of the art of medicine and the scientific process that lead to its development.  I found myself thinking about all of the advances in healthcare/medicine/science that had made the procedure I was about to undergo possible.

From the invention of the intravenous line that allows for the administration of specific amounts of parenteral fluids and medications to the creation of the safety sheath on IV cathlons that reduce the risk of needle stick injuries to healthcare practitioners.  From the discovery of anaesthetics and the development of the spinal block (which eliminates the need for general anaesthetic thus greatly reducing the risk of post operative complications) to the development of the arthroscope (which facilitates a much less invasive and traumatic surgery that reduces recovery time from months to weeks).  From the development of aseptic technique (which significantly reduces the risk of post operative infection) to the development/use of localized external joint cooling systems (that reduce swelling and excessive inflammation thus further decreasing recovery time).

All of the above examples are the result of the process of inquiry and the scientific process.  Each of the above examples is the end result of advances in a particular segment of medicine/healthcare, and each example initially started off as a question.  How do we better administer medications?  How do we prevent healthcare practitioners from needle stick injuries?  How can we better administer anaesthetics and reduce post operative complications?  How can we further advance surgical techniques thus decreasing recovery times and increasing positive patient outcomes?  Each example progressed from a question to a process of inquiry which eventually led to the development of new technologies and/or procedures that provided better patient care and ultimately a better understanding of medicine and science.     

With the above information in mind, I could not help but find my surgical experience inspiring.  My surgical experience is the result of decades of human inquiry and subsequent accomplishments.  My positive surgical outcome is the result of the hard work of literally thousands of individuals who have worked tirelessly to better them self, their profession and the entire scientific community.  How could I not be inspired!?

This has been the skeptical samurai

Working to serve (and inspire)…

Through the process of inquiry…


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