“That Punk Pulled a Glock 7 On Me!”

Right from Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Sounds scary doesn’t it! 

A “plastic” handgun that is made in Germany, costs an insane amount of money, and is capable of getting by all known security systems.  Look hard enough and you will find chatter about topic on various websites and internet forums.  However there is just one little problem…

The Glock 7 (or a gun like it) does not exist. 

Glock is the name of a gun manufacturer that specializes in making handguns. 

Glock produces Glock “safe action pistols” (“safe action” refers to Glock’s unique trigger safety mechanism).  Glock has produced a variety of different firearms over the years, but the company has NEVER produced a pistol called the Glock 7 or any type of pistol that meets the description of the above video.  When the 1st Glock was introduced in the early 1980’s (named the 17, because the firearm was the 17th patent to be held by the Glock company, and is still around today) there was a massive amount of hysteria regarding the fact that Glock was producing a “plastic pistol” that would become the firearm of choice of terrorists world wide as it could not be detected by security systems.  These assertions were all proved to be false, but to this day, some of these unfounded fears/claims remain in popular/gun culture. 

Let us look at some common discredited claims regarding Glock firearms:

Claim: Glock pistols are made in Germany

Reality: The majority of Glock pistols are made in Austria.  Additionally, certain models contain components made in Austria and well as components made in the USA. 

Claim: Glock produces plastic and/or porcelain guns. 

Reality: Glock does not produce (and has never produced) porcelain firearms.  Glock pistols are made of polymer as well as steel.  Polymer is a catch all term for a synthetic type of material (ranging from rubber to plastic).  The type of polymer used in Glock firearms can be thought of as super strong/durable plastic.  The main portion of the Glock that is polymer is the frame.  The rest of the main/vital components of a Glock pistol (including but not limited to the slide, the slide rails and the barrel) are made of metal.      

Claim: Glock pistols cannot be detected by typical screening/security measures (metal detectors, X-Ray machines, etc).

Reality: As outlined above, Glock pistols are not made completely out of “plastic”.  Glock pistols contain many components made of metal that can be easily be detected by even the most basic security/screening equipment. 

X-Ray of a Glock pistol (nicely demonstrating all of the metal portions of the firearm)

Standard X-Ray of a Glock pistol

And a picture of a Glock pistol run through an airport security/screening devise. 

Claim: Glock pistols are constructed of plastic in order to “get past” security measures. 

Reality:  As outlined above, the Glock pistol is incapable of “getting past” security measures. 

Glock introduced a firearm with polymer components in order to meet the demand for a lighter firearm that is less susceptible to corrosion. 

Metal is the primary component in most firearms.  As we should all know, metal is susceptible to rust and corrosion, which weakens the integrity of metal.  A bad case of rust/corrosion is essentially a death sentence for a firearm.  The use of polymer helps to prevent and fight this problem, giving the user a firearm that is arguably more durable.

Polymer is lighter then the types of metal typically used to make firearms.  By using polymer to construct large/bulky components of a pistol (such as the frame), Glock is able to reduce the overall weight of their pistols.  This is extremely important in professions such as law enforcement and the military (where Glock arguably dominates the market).  These types of professions typically carry their firearms all day, so a few ounces can make a huge difference in one’s ability to comfortably carry.  Additionally, many civilians prefer to use a “lighter” pistol.  By using polymer to construct components such as the frame, Glock is able to build a “normal sized” pistol that weighs less.    

Who would have thought…a skeptical post about firearms! 

This has been the Skeptical Samurai…

Working to Serve…

Through the Process of Inquiry…


5 Responses to ““That Punk Pulled a Glock 7 On Me!””

  1. Hey Ryan, good-lookin’ on the Glock posting… I dig it! Although I wouldn’t really consider this a venture into “skepticism” as much as myth-busting. Maybe you’re just getting excited about guns…? 😀

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Ahhh young grass-hopper

      Mythbusting is skepticism!

      And yes (as of late) i have def taken an interest in firearms!

  2. @ 21:25 Feb 3rd 2011 – Die Hard 2 (Film 4 UK Cable) brought me to your site:)


  3. I think this is among the most significant information for me.
    And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The website style is great, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Thanks for the comments!
      Thanks for reading! Content has been a little slim as of late (crazy busy with school). Stay tuned! Working on getting things back up and running soon (and finally getting the podcast up and running)

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