Show Me That Smile Again…

Cue the theme from that 80’s classic “Growing Pains”

Another video from my old friends Mr. Kirk Cameron and Mr. Ray Comfort (Mr. C+C)! 

This video has been widely circulated (at least amongst the skeptical community), but I just came across it recently.  I cannot find a link to the original video (it no longer appears to be available on Mr. C+C’s website or YouTube channel, so I am assuming that they have taken it down), so unfortunately  (if you have not seen it already) all I have is a copy of the original: 

Where to even start with this one!

Let us put aside the notion of whether or not god exists, and let us instead look at the argument being put forth by Mr. C+C, specifically, that the banana is proof of god’s existence.   

At 00:12 the argument is made that the banana fits perfectly into the human hand.  Following this logic, or lack there of, a watermelon is then proof that god does not exist.   

At the 00:28 mark it is argued that the maker of the banana gave it the property of outward indicators (the banana peel) revealing the inner contents (whether or not the banana is ripe).  Following this logic, every fruit that does not change colour to indicate the state of ripeness is thus proof of the absence of god’s existence. 

At the 00:35 mark Mr. C+C state that the banana has a tab that makes it perfect/easy to open.  Again, in Mr. C+C’s estimation, proof that god exists.  Really!?  If ease of opening a piece of fruit proves that god exists, then how on earth do you explain the coconut!? 

At the 00:48 mark, it is argued that once the banana is opened the peel sits “perfectly” over the human hand, again, thus (in the opinion of Mr. C+C) proving god’s existence.  See the above comments regarding the statements made at the 00:12 mark. 

At the 00:54 mark, Mr. C+C argue that the shape and size of the banana and the ease in which it fits into the human mouth provide further proof for the existence of god.  Similar to several of my other comments above, then each and every fruit that does not easily fit into the human mouth thus disputes the existence of god. 

And finally at the 00:58 mark, the argument is made that the banana is easy to digest.  Sure for most people, but some individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis) may not be able to consume bananas.  Additionally, some individuals actually have a banana allergy!  Meaning if they consume a banana they could potential have an anaphylaxic reaction, and (if not treated appropriately) die.  So following the logic of Mr. C+C, the above information proves that god does not exist, or if god does exist, he/she/it certainly hates people that cannot consume bananas!

I know what you are thinking (actually you are probably not, but it sounds better if I phrase it that way), “But the fact that the banana has all of the above properties is rather compelling.  In fact one could argue that the presence of all of the above properties is proof of an intelligent designer/god”.  I could not agree more!  The common banana does have an intelligent designer…


The common banana as we know it today (the same banana that Mr. C+C are referring to in their video) is the product of decades of selective breeding/cultivation by humans.  The banana that we all know, love and consume on a regular basis (and again, the same banana that Mr. C+C are referring to in their video) is vastly different then a “wild banana”.

Here are several pictures of the common banana

And here are several pictures of the wild banana

Considering the above pictures, it can be seen that the wild banana has few similarities to the common banana.  The wild banana (which would be the only banana that has not been selectively breed/cultivated by humans, and consequently would actually be the type of banana that Mr. C+C should be referring to) is actually considered to be inedible due to the presence of many large rock hard seeds within the fruit.  Not really the best evidence for an almighty creator…    

This has been the skeptical samurai

Working to serve through the process of inquiry


4 Responses to “Show Me That Smile Again…”

  1. You have way to much time on your hands if the continuing target of your anti Christian rants is the innocuous “Mr. C&C”. May I suggest that there are some other more contemporary/relevant religious nut jobs who do things such as try to murder those that leave their faith as opposed to two guys who are flogging bananas as proof that God exists…. In any event it is your blog and you are free to target who ever you like. After all, you have had all those conversations with your acquaintances who cant explain their rational for their faith so I can understand your animosity towards them…. Those evil Christian bastards…

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Interesting name choice…

      “Way too much time on my hands”
      Not at all. I do not have enough time on my hands.
      My rant is far from anti-christian. I made it very clear that the focus of my post was not whether or not god exists, but instead Mr. C+C’s argument for whether or not god exists. At no point do i attack Mr. C+C for being christian. That is their choice, and i have no problem with that choice! They have made a claim for the evidence for god, i am simply speaking to that claim. I selected the “target” of Mr. C+C because i happend to come across the video on the internet. If these 2 individuals feel compelled to argue that a banana is proof of god’s existence, i do not see the problem/issue with me pointing out why their argument (in my humble opinion) is flawed. Again, they have made a claim, i am simply speaking to that claim.

      And i could not agree more, there are other relevant/contemporary religious “nut jobs” out there that i could speak about, but that was not the topic of this blog post. The topic of this blog post was about “evidence” for an intelligent designer. You label Mr. C+C are “innocuous”, but i would argue that this is far from true. Many individuals within the intelligent design/creationist movement are pushing statements like those made in Mr. C+C’s video. These statements aim to undermine the scientific process and replace it with an “alternative theory” that does not contain a single shread of anything even closely resembling scientific inquiry. The aim of my blog post was to speak to that aim…

      Re: your comment “After all, you have had all those conversations with your acquaintances who cant explain their rational for their faith”
      Are you attempting to imply that i made these interactions up?

      Re: your comment “Those evil christian bastards”
      again, i made no such comment. This is the 2nd time that you have drawn attention to the fact that the topic of a blog post some how relates to christianity.
      And this is the 2nd time that you have raced to defend an organization that i have not attacked, instead i have spoken to the claims made by 2 individuals that happen to be christian
      Care to reveal your sacred cow?…
      I mean you do not really have to…your statements are rather transparent…

      i look forward to your reply

  2. Hmmm, April and no reply. Quel surprise.

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Can you please clarify? Reply to what?
      I have no comments from you in my cue that i have yet to response to

      look forward to hearing back from you

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