Dim Mak!?

Being a martial arts practitioner (BJJ to be exact), I often find myself searching YouTube for martial arts videos.  Typically, I scan YouTube for videos related to BJJ techniques, but the other day I stumbled across this gem! 

The long and short of it is that Tom Cameron (a self proclaimed “martial arts expert”) claims that he is capable of knocking out opponents using pressure point techniques.  Even more “impressive” is that Mr. Cameron states that he can knock out an opponent without even touching them!  He claims to have mastered the art of “Dim Mak”, more commonly known as “the death touch”.    

Let us analyze this video shall we. 

At 1:50 Mr. Cameron claims that his techniques can cause all sorts “neurological types of effects”.  Really, care to quantify that one?  Without elaborating on what type of neurological effects he claims to be capable of causing, this statement really does not hold any water.  Additionally, Mr. Cameron claims that he is able to “temporary shut off” an assailants organs.  Again, without some sort of explanation this statement also does not really hold any water.  I think that I should also point out that organs do not just “turn off”.  The organs in your body do not operate like a light switch.  You cannot simply turn them off and on at will.  It is possible to damage an organ, lose function (usually some and not all) of that organ, and then over time regain the function of that organ, but once an organ suffers an insult so severe that it “shuts off” you do not regain function of that organ.   

I think I should also point out at this point that there are no known “pressure points” that match the claims/effects of Mr. Cameron.  Plain and simple, “pressure points” that lead to unconsciousness do not exist on the human body.  Sure, you can perform medical techniques such as “vagal/carotid massage” that can cause a patient’s heart rate to slow (which could result in an episode of fainting) but merely touching this spot does not induce unconsciousness. 

The next thing that really strikes me about this video is at the 2:15 mark.  Note the response of his students when Mr. Cameron applies a “technique”.  Additionally, note the response of Mr. Cameron’s himself when one of his students applies a “technique” to him.  Now juxtaposition these responses to those of the reporter and BJJ/MMA students, we go from individuals that go down as if they have been shot (Mr. Cameron and his students) to individuals that are totally unaffected (the BJJ/MMA students).

Does anyone else see a problem with this!? 

I am going to go ahead and propose the following…

Mr. Cameron does not possess the ability to perform “pressure point” knock outs or “no touch” knock outs. 

I will take it one step further…

“Pressure point” and “No touch knockouts” simply do not exist. 

As outlined above, there simply are not “pressure points” on the human body that lead to instant unconsciousness.  Sure you can crack someone upside the head with a right cross and knock them unconscious, but I think we can all agree that that is far from a “pressure point” as described by Mr. Cameron.  Additionally, “no touch” knockouts do not exist.  Plain and simple, our current understanding of physics and the natural world make this claim impossible.  I will not delve into the details here but in order for a “no touch” knockout to be possible we would have to completely throw out everything we currently know about physics and the natural world, and I do not think that the evidence presented here warrants such an action.  However if you have evidence more impressive than the fact that you can make a few of your own students “fall over”…I would be happy to hear it!

Which brings me to my final point… 

How do we explain the fact that Mr. Cameron can make his student fall over and going into a “state of shock” as described by the paramedic staff featured in the video?  Rather simply actually.  Mr. Cameron’s students have drunk the proverbial Kool-Aid.  They are so invested in this situation that they essentially act in the manner that they are told to act.  They are told that these techniques will make them faint so they faint.  In contrast to the MMA/BJJ who are not invested in Mr. Cameron’s techniques and are completely unaffected.  The effects seen on Mr. Cameron’s students have nothing to do with pressure points or invisible chi blasts; instead it is simply a self induced state that can be easily reproduced/explained. 

Mr. Cameron I am not so sure about.  He is either a complete fraud (and knows that he is deceiving his students) or he is also so deeply invested in his own BS that he is unable to see that what he is doing is complete bunk.  I would love the opportunity to get into contact with Mr. Cameron’s, but sadly his website www.thehumanstungun.com (I did not make that web address up!) no longer seems to be active.  Pity.


13 Responses to “Dim Mak!?”

  1. […] Skeptical Samauri takes on dim mak. Additionally, “no touch” knockouts do not exist.  Plain and simple, our current […]

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Sorry, it seems as if you are just cutting and pasting from my post…did you have something to contribute to conversation?

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:


      thanks for the link!

      I wish the site was still active. It would be great to get in touch with Mr. Cameron

  2. ahh yes – I’ve seen this video. A very interesting performance of applied hypnosis and mental suggestion. I’m not sure why some practitioners are so bent on no touch knockouts – how about improving your ability to knock someone out for real?

    Also the striking thoughts comment above is actually a trackback – it’s there to indicate to you that bob over at striking thoughts linked into your article.

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      thanks for the info on the “trackback”. I did not know what the deal with that is…again, thanks for the info.

      Regarding the “no touch knockouts” i could not agree with you more. How about dedicating your time learning how to strike and/or grapple? Actually learn a marial art that will have some real world application. But hey…that is just me

  3. If you still want to get in contact with him at the end of the Fox News report i believe it gives a phone number to his dojo so you can try that.

  4. firsthandbeliever Says:

    you are wrong about knock out pressure points not existing. in the correct combination, a person can be knocked out. I have first hand seen it done over a decade before I even heard of this Tom Cameron guy.

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      I would have to argue that i am not wrong.
      As evidence in the video, the pressure points only work on “willing participants”.

      I have come across many alleged “pressure point” technicians over my years in martial arts, and the one thing that i have learned is that these techniques DO NOT work on people who are not in on the gag. This has been my experience, but i am certainly open to discussing the issue and interested in your perspective.

      To begin with, I would propose to you, to offer some sort of physiological explanation for how these knock out/touchless knock outs/pressure point knock outs might work.

  5. Sounds like and looks like hypnosis performances we have seen staged in the past …

  6. excuse me, dim mak do exists. preesure point exists too.
    It doesn t put away physics and all we know it is just additionnal. it is the real world. sorry, man.

    • theskepticalsamurai Says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      I do not understand your comment “It doesn’t put away physics and all we know it is just additional”.

      Could you please clarify? Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

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