And You Thought That Ants Seemed Insignificant!

I came across this video today and thought that i would pass it along:

The clip compares the size of earth to other planets and stars in our solar system and universe. 

Truly breath-taking (in my humble opinion)!

Videos such as this demonstrate how poorly humans are equipped to deal with the comprehension/understanding of large size/mass/numbers.  The largest know star shown in this video does not even seem fathomable!  It seems too large for the human mind to even comprehend!  Can you image a star so large that it would take 1100 years just to fly around!  Doesn’t that blow your mind! 

With the above notion in mind, I hope that this clip inspires you to take the time to learn something about the natural world that you did not already know when you woke up this morning (even if it is just watching this video)!


4 Responses to “And You Thought That Ants Seemed Insignificant!”

  1. So, are you telling me the world won’t end if I don’t finish my dissertation? YAY!

  2. Jaysonic Says:

    I’ve seen bigger….

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