“Alien Skull” found on Mars!?

Just when you thought that it was safe to look at photos from the red planet…


I must admit that I am still amazed that each and every time photos are released from Mars (or any cosmic/space photos for that matter) it seems that some individual finds it necessary to publish an article regarding the fact that the photo “looks like” something else.  Additionally, said article typically has little or no scientific data, and instead is packed full of statements/opinions from various “experts” (ranging from conspiracy theorists to UFO-ologists) making all sorts of “interesting” claims (and this article is no exception).  I must admit that I do find it strangely fascinating that each and every time NASA releases new photos from space, some individual has to need to identify a face, hand, or some other body part and then go on to make some sort of seemingly informed claim regarding this being “proof” of some life-form, god, supernatural being, etc as opposed to just yet another case of pareidolia.

So let me get this straight.  Not only do we now have photos of Bigfoot on Mars…


…we now also have photos of alien skulls!  Man, Mars is apparently a really hopping place! 

But I digress…

…do the types of photos that appear in the above article really need to be discussed at this point?  Do we need to keep drawing attention to the fact that this rock LOOKS like a skull is no more impressive than the fact that the lock on my front door LOOKS like a face. 

Instead of being fascinated by the fact that this photo from Mars “looks like an alien skull” (which in my humble opinion it does not) we should be fascinated by the process surrounding the phenomena of pareidolia.  Instead of being fascinated by a rock looking like a skull, we should be amazed that we have the ability to take such photos, and be intrigued by what these photos can help us to learn about the natural world. 

Ah…the skeptical samurai can dream cant he.


2 Responses to ““Alien Skull” found on Mars!?”

  1. I agree that the faces on Mars are clearly not real but I do believe that sometimes signs or messages are presented to us in ways we clearly can not explain:



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